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Girls Having Fun Yoga by Helen

If you know Helen Noviello, you know that she is a person that loves life, loves people and loves Yoga! Her passion for living well, being happy and connecting with others is as inspiring as it is contagious. Dahlonega Spa Resort (DSR)has been blessed to have Helen as part of our community since 2005, when she held her first retreat with us. Since that time she has successfully lead 37 retreats here, enjoying the beauty of the North Georgia Mountains and all it has to offer. We are touched that she often warmly refers to us as her home away from home and we want to say a public thank you to Helen for trusting us with a part of her life that she truly values – her Yoga family.

R &R Resorts Autumn 2015 Newsletter

In all sincerity your group is the best group I have ever worked with. It must have something to do with the fact that you are such a great person and your students all adore you! Whatever the magic is you have, it should be packaged and sold for $1 million dollars or more!

Margret Nemac, Group Coordinator of Dahlonega Spa Resort

I truly thank you for a wonderful weekend retreat. When I see the wind moving in a gentle breeze, I will think of you and know that God is blessing you. You are one of God’s best daughters.Until we meet again, much love and many blessings to you,
Sylvia, June 2018 Summer Solstice Retreat


My partner and I travelled recently on the Royal Clipper’s January 2017 Caribbean tour for 2 weeks and we met Helen by chance on the ship. It was a lucky encounter that led to one of the best holidays of our lives. Helen’s group was warm and welcoming and we felt at home with them very quickly. The meals with everyone were a lot of fun – there was lots of laughter! It is a testament to Helen’s magnetic and accepting personality that such a wide variety of people of all ages and backgrounds were travelling with her. The yoga classes outdoors and under a canvas cover on the top of the ship each day as the sun went down were a wonderful complement to the amazing sailing experience around the beautiful Caribbean islands. Helen adapted the yoga to the needs of the class with beautiful music that matched the scene perfectly. It was unforgettable to complete each class with an inspiring meditation while the sun went down to the gentle sound of splashing water against the ship. A highlight was watching the full moon rise over an island during one of the classes… amazing. We will definitely be attending Helen’s Italy Retreat in 2017 and look forward to spending more time with her on future yoga adventures.

Richard, Jan 2017  and Sept 2018 Royal Clipper Retreat

and Sept 2017 Ischia Italy Retreat 

The joy of the stretch, the warmth of the sunshine, the scent of the salt air, the feel of the wind, the sound of the ocean, the view of the moonlight, the sound of sails being lowered, the sound of the water as the boat leaves a wake in its path, the warmth and the beautiful sound  of the carefully selected music being played from the portable speaker on the deck and, most importantly, the sound of Helen’s voice.  This is Helen’s yoga. Though the faces may vary from trip to trip, each journey is made up of Helen’s group. 

With each of these trips I grow.  With each of these trips I learn more about myself.  With each of these trips, I am reminded of all the good I have in my life and I become ever more grateful for my blessings.  Certainly, I enjoy the yoga, but the camaraderie that seems to be growing between all of us is something I enjoy more than anything.

We are experiencing something that so few people get to experience in life and we are sharing this experience together, time after time.  Virtual strangers, some of us; experiencing, growing, appreciating, loving and, doing –  All of us together.  We are creating memories together and sharing time and space in a very special way. I am honored to be a part of Helen’s group. 

Johnnie, 3 Star Clipper Retreats and Sept 2017 Italy Retreat



Hours of inner peace Sailing With Helen
On breezy decks

Rocked gently by turbulent waves

Sails full of passionate energy

As my mind settles into your inner voice

Guiding, cajoling our moves to the

rhythm of boundless skies and sea

You pass joy around, same as appetizers on board

We feast, we fete, we glutton on

The beauty of these moments

Touched by years of your collected wisdom

Crunchy, smooth, molten bliss

On this bonus trip

you upped the ante

Welcoming, enfolding

Encouraging the sails to unfurl

to uncover the inner strength

we all must find!

Thank you Helen!

ElynnJan Royal Clipper Retreat 2017

I had a great time at your retreat.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it. I thought about you having asked a couple of times about not sharing your secrets. I just wanted to say that I think what you do is not your secret. Your secret is how you engage with people. There are some who could do everything the same way, in the same order, with the same people and they would not hold a candle to you. You make everyone feel like family and you know how to have fun but be intentional at the same time. I’m sure you have honed your talent over the years but it truly is a talent that not everyone has. You, my dear lady, are fantastic!

Jere Allen, CFO R&R Resorts, May Retreat 2015

I just went on my 7th retreat with Helen, my second retreat in Dahlonega. The other five have been in some wonderful places abroad. It was as always a healing experience. Helen doesn’t just do yoga she touches your spirit. Every retreat I have been on has changed me for the better in someway. You find yourself relating too and getting to know the others in the group in a way that is at least unusual for me. I live in Indiana and I now have as many friends in Atlanta as I do in Indiana. One of the women this time said “I find my people on Helen’s retreat” and it is true. It is like the barriers and blocks I have up for my everyday life just melt away. I am grateful that I found Helen and I try to attend her retreats as often as I can. Even if you don’t do yoga or think you can’t do yoga, you can do Helen’s retreats! I love you Helen!

Karen, 9 Retreats and Counting

I wish I could express how you have guided my transition in a direction I had never even considered possible. You have a wonderful gift and I will be forever grateful for for the experience I have on your retreats.

Tamara, Oct Retreat 2016


Wonderful Helen!!!Words can barely express how grateful I am for you and all you do. Thank you for the gentle reminder that identifying and claiming the blessings in my life go a long way in changing my brain chemistry and attitude

Katherine, 3 Reeats and Counting

My time, my timing.
Getting out, heading north, getting lost and finding myself in the woods.
Awaiting was a welcoming Lake to the musical White House and inside, warm caring people.
The teacher and her teachings; playful and joyful. Full of love and wisdom. 
And women from all over the place, all beautiful and full of life. 
A weekend spent with my 7 year old inner child; “accidentlly” in room seven for Mothers day.
The intentions of all were spoken in three days, by burning desires in paper,  gardening flowers guided hummingbirds, walking the spiritual journey to our center and back in the Labyrinth,  meditating by beading Malas with healing scents,  and opening our bodies, stretching, breathing, breathing deeper, stretching more and flowing Open hearts beating at the same rhythm.We nourished our hearts, souls and also our bodies.
With sweet breakfasts, fulfilling lunches, and amazing dinners prepared with so much love.
Chanting and chatting with chocolate and wine.Getting massages and facials in the afternoons.
And listening to the night concerts of crickets, to the new moon under a sky full of stars.
Before getting out of the magical woods we had a glorious ceremony by the river.
Into the water went all our prayers; longevity, health, happiness, abundance, renovation, wisdom, sweetness, peace, love and gratitude.We manifest our intentions. We, the oneness the wholeness.
 Thank you Helen and Dahlonega Spa. Thank you beautiful ladies.Thank you seven year old me.Thank you to the mother in me.Thank you Mom.
Blessings, so many to count.Blessings to all.
Ana de la Garza May, 2016
“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. To teach is to touch a life forever.” This quote is so true of your teaching yoga. Thank-you again for opening your heart, mind and soul to me and all of your students. The retreat was a life changing trip for myself and my mother.
Madeline St. Croix Retreat Jan 2016

What can I say, Helen changed my life. Because of Helen I was able to reconnect with my passion and grow it into an amazing business. I am eternally grateful for her gifts!”

Erica, 5 Dahlonega Retreats, Italy 2015 and St Croix 2016

I wanted to tell you how meaningful the retreat to Italy was – thank you for making such a warm and rich environment for enjoying the region, the wine, the food, the people.  It was a life changing experience!

Cathy, Italy Retreat 2015

Thank you so much for this amazing weekend! I awkwardly admit that I have never had an R&R weekend, and this at this point in my personal and work life is just what I needed. I start tomorrow morning at 7am by giving a 17 year old that we diagnosed in our study his HIV diagnosis, a process that usually takes all day and is so emotionally draining.  It´s hard to stay centred and balanced sometimes when counselling teens on their new scary diagnosis becomes a daily thing.  But, as Erica mentioned during the retreat, you have to be taking care of yourself before you take care of anyone else, and this weekend was the best thing I could have possibly done with my time.  Thank you so much for facilitating happiness, balance and inner hope in each of us.
heart to heart hug!

Amanda, Dec Retreat 2015

The Yoga By Helen Retreat was a spirit, physical, epicurean and emotional delight. I had high expectations. The retreat exceeded my expectations in every way. In addition to great food, great yoga, extraordinary excursions and spectacular views, the company of the others on the retreat was exceptional. What a great group of people. THANK YOU HELEN!

Rosalind, Italy Retreat 2015

What an energizing weekend! Thanks for all the energy, love and devotion you bring to your retreats! Still on cloud nine and blissed out!

Gretta, May Retreat 2015


Man!What a retreat! My third and not my last! You are unbelievable and I am always in awe of your energy and never ending love and dedication to yoga.

Liz, May 2015

Helen!! Thank you for a great weekend. You have another follower — I just love your gentle spirit and I want to learn everything you know! You are amazing and I am blessed to know you! I can’t wait to do weekend yoga with you, too!!

Katherine, Feb Retreat 2015

“Nelson Mandela when addressing his good friend, Walter Sisulu, on the occasion of Walter’s 90th birthday (5/18/2002), said: “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

My best friend Susan and I have just returned from a 3 day weekend yoga retreat offered by Helen and I want to say an enormous thanks to you!   Thanks for being so inspiring!  Thanks for helping to guide my life to continue in a very positive direction by continuing to try approach my life, myself, my loved ones and everyone I meet with compassion, love, understanding and forgiveness.Finally, Helen, thanks for ruining me for life!  It was extremely difficult to leave the retreat, the beautiful surroundings, the exquisite peace, the wonderful staff at Dahlonega Spa resort and all the beautiful women I met there.I try to strive to adhere to Mandela’s words but Helen, know that you do!  You have made an enormous difference in my life!”

Jenny, Oct Retreat 2014

“Thank YOU!  What a joy it was to spend the weekend enveloped in your encouragement and care.  I am so glad I followed my intuition and came to Dahlonega to be with you and so many special women. Even though all our stories, challenges and dreams are different, our common desire to cultivate and share the sweetness life has to offer brought us all together…a rarity in this crazy world we live in!   Through our courage and vulnerability we created a loving community for the weekend that will have a lasting impact on me beyond our time together.  Peace and acceptance are the best medicine.  And laughter! :)The world needs more Helens!  I look forward to learning more from you and sharing more with you and the beautiful people that are drawn to your amazing spirit.With gratitude!”

Carrie, Jan Retreat 2014
Another (what am I up to…6?) retreat! It was extra special because my cousin Kim was able to join me who I credit for in getting me into yoga. Once I met Helen, and started my journey with yoga, my life changed in so many wonderful ways. Helen’s energy and caring is like an elixir to my soul, and through her yoga, I have learned to live every day with gratitude and a sense of ease. Thank-you for another wonderful weekend!! Namaste!
Meredith, March Retreat 2014
Thank you so much for the weekend!  When we were there, I felt really wonderful and pleasant.  I didn’t realize until I was the airport how my overall actions were kind and gentle. I was able to compare my two plane rides.  On the way home, I was more patient, kind, and gentle with fellow passengers.  I even met some nice acquaintances.  Thank you so much for bringing your authentic carefree nature!  The estate was so beautiful and I really appreciate the reset! I can’t wait for all my intentions to begin manifesting!!!

Olga, March 2014

“Helen is the best! Attended the Manifestation retreat this weekend. Once again, an ‘obstacle’ was identified and a true mind shift has occurred! Thank you, Helen! Not to mention all the great yoga, new friends, walks/hikes, the staff and food…and, and, and…peace, serenity, self discovery…I could go on!”

Cynthia, Jan Retreat 2014

“While on a retreat in September 2011 at Dahlonega Spa Resort , I had just finished walking the labyrinth that Helen introduced to me at a prior retreat and meditating on a big career milestone in my life.  Right after I finished my meditation, I got the call that I had gotten the promotion at my company that I had been wanting!  It was a huge turning point for me and my career.  And, it was just the beginning of more positives to come in my life.

Through Helen, I’ve learned how to dial back my life, sort through what’s important and what’s not, and achieve personal AND professional balance.  I’ve also learned how to take care of not just my body, but also my soul.  I look forward to yet another amazing retreat with you….this time in beautiful Costa Rica and I think this is my 10th retreat?  So many great ones that I’ve lost count…..and each one enlightens more and more!  Thank you for all that you do and impart to your students. Your retreats and yoga practice impact many lives.  We are honored to have you as our teacher and friend!” 

Michele 10 Retreats and Counting

 My life is deeply enriched by my time in your care this weekend. The power of 13 women gathered beneath the harvest moon cannot be put into words.Truly God called us all to be together. Your retreat was a delight combining a divine location and experienced yoga guidance. Trans-formative.  Nurturing.  Relaxing.  Posh without pretense.  Plenty of activity if activity  is what you need.  Plenty of quiet, rest, and spa treatments if that calls you.  Delicious, healthy food in abundance.  Warm, welcoming smiles shine on every face attending to your stay at the resort.  You will LOVE it!

Ellen Sept Retreat 2013

“It was a purposeful, peaceful most beautiful weekend that changed my life forever!”

Emily Oct Retreat 2013 

I  just wanted to say thank you for the peace meditation you hosted for us last evening.I appreciated the way you created a safe and sacred space that let us reflect on and share what peace means to us.I’m an art dabbler and have a 3′ x 4′ canvas layered – as the mood strikes me – with a couple of years of acrylic brush strokes.This morning, I added imagery around a white-light sphere of peace beginning inside and expanding out to embrace all of us, all of the earth, and all being.Your session was like a pebble dropping into a pond… the peace consciousness you set in motion continues to ripple out for me. Peace!

Jeff Sept Retreat 2013

The first time I attended one of Helen’s retreats, I went alone and planned on staying for only one night.  But by the middle of the next day, I had new friends and I knew I needed to stay for the whole weekend.  That was a year ago… and now I have 3 retreats under my belt!  Helen is very loving and inviting.  She creates a wonderful environment that allows you to relax and let go.  Her yoga is challenging but not competitive, it really nourishes your soul.  And best of all, you just have FUN!  There aren’t enough wonderful words to describe Helen and her retreats.  You just have to experience one for yourself!
Kim March Retreat 2011

There are not enough words to express the profound delight and effect on me attending Helen’s yoga retreat. I did not know what to expect but remained open to what was to happen. The grounds accommodations services, and yoga sessions were phenomenal. Peace and calm is still with me.  The day to day grind that almost pushes me to the edge is still there, but, I feel different.  The trance dancing was a highlight because while I could see we were all a little uncomfortable about what was going to happen, we all inevitably let our hair and inhibitions down and just went with it.  It was fun and exhilarating. I really can’t say enough, but please know, my time spent with you all has positively impacted my life and I am grateful!

Carmichael March Retreat 2011

As the weekend of the retreat progressed I found myself observing within and even out loud what a wonderfultime I was having.This sacred and blessed experience is still with me. What a wonderful time I am still having in my mind, my heart, and soul! Thank you, Helen, for providing the environment as well as the comfort necessary for this introverted person to enjoy herself.

Linda March Retreat 2011

I loved Helen’s teaching style. Each time we practiced, I could not believe we had been going for 90 minutes. It felt more like 5 minutes to me!
Kim Feb Retreat 2012
Helen’s retreats are the perfect blend of well organized and relaxing.  There are plenty of activities to plug into but you also feel free to use your weekend in whatever way works for you.  One of my favorite parts is that the meals are all healthy and planned.  It’s just like being a kid again, you just think “what’s for dinner?” no decisions, no clean up.  I attended the retreat after only taking few classes and I felt very comfortable even amongst much more experienced yoga students. Helen is a true blessing.
Stephanie March 2010
.Helen’s yoga retreats are first class all the way.  The resort is beautiful. The food is great.  You don’t have a care in the world except getting to class on time. The yoga classes are very relaxing and not too difficult for beginners. You don’t want to leave, but when you get back home everyone notices how relaxed you are.  It’s so good it shows!

Liz  March Retreat 2011

atlanta yogaThank-you, Helen for helping me to manifest the most amazing miracle in my life! My husband and I had been trying to concieve a child for about 5 months when I attended your Manifestation Yoga Retreat in Oct 2008. We made our Tibetan Prayer Beads, and during the meditation that you lead, I imagined manifesting our child. Two weeks after the retreat I was pregnant!!! Thanks for your continued inspiration, guidance and teaching in what has become an amazing spiritual yogic journey for me and our baby.  I really enjoyed bringing my 6 month old, unborn child on your May 2009 retreat, and we’ve been doing yoga together weekly ever since.  I know she’ll be a natural when she finally arrives. You are the best and I love you!

Ashley May 2009 Retreat

Helen, you are God sent into my life, I take away so much love, joy and learning from your yoga class,your retreat and just talking to you. I have calmed down much after this weekend’s retreat. I look so forward to this sharing of boundless positive energy.

Yolanda Oct Retreat 2008

Thank-you for a wonderful retreat. It was a such a nice balance of yoga, meditation, friendship and nature! You are truly a bright star in many people’s lives!

Trupti October Retreat 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed Helen’s retreat the weekend of March 18th. I had only experienced two yoga classes in my life and really enjoyed them but I have a difficult time fitting more regular classes into my life. However, even with my limited experience, I found it perfect. Helen’s instruction is very clear and there’s an emphasis on just doing what you can and that it’s all about you. That was very important to me.  The resort was very clean and beautiful – incredibly scenic. I would recommend it to anyone, so worth it!

Jill March Retreat 2011


I enjoyed stringing my Mala Beads and learning the mantras at the Fall retreat last year.When making the Beads, I had no idea how special and comforting they would become to me in my time of need. I brought them with me when called to my Mom’s bedside to say my final good-bye. They brought me comfort and peace as I connected with my inner quiet and the physical reminder of the bliss I felt the entire weekend at the retreat. Thank-you for helping to give me peace on one of the most difficult days of my life!

Janice 2009 Oct Retreat

The weekend away with Helen, gave me the opportunity to take a moment in my life, to take stock, to relax, to renew and to find new energy to make my life even better. I’m still savoring the view, the stillness, the body movements, and the positivism Helen rubs on people.
Monica 2009 Oct Retreat
Helen, First just another big thanks for being you, and for spreading your light, energy and peace through the Yoga training. I still feel like a completely new person. In fact, I feel like I did about 12 years ago, when I was fresh, young, and full of light. The darkness seemed to take over, but you allowed me to rediscover the eternal source, it’s always there, I just needed to find my way back. You are truly a healer and a giver of life!

Ashley 2008 Oct Retreat

Sun Rise PictureHello there my yoga guru! 😉
It is amazing how one encounter with a person can change your life. It was such a blessing to meet you last year. I am so grateful to have attended your retreat this year. I knew it was going to be wonderful, but it actually exceeded my expectations. Pam and I LOVED it! The weekend was a wonderful celebration of self and our connectedness to everyone and everything. It was a beautiful expression of love and gratitude.

As a result, I think I am letting off a glow to all my friends. Not surprisingly, they want a piece of it. I belong to a woman’s group that met on Wednesday night and they could not wait to sign up after hearing about the retreat. I think I could honestly fill all spots with friends who are amazed with what it has done for me!

I bet this is overwhelming for you to experience such success with these retreats. It is such a reflection of the absolutely amazing job that you do. You are an absolutely amazing woman. I am deeply and profoundly thankful!

Tracey 2008 Oct Retreat

Dear Helen, I want you to know that your love for life and the people you care about is truly outstanding. You have found your calling and that is a wonderful thing. I’m thankful to have you in my life, as a great source for inspiration and learning about myself. Thanks for creating such a wonderful weekend for so many wonderful people!

Margo 2007 Oct Retreat

Thank you so much for being you and doing a fabulous weekend retreat! Carol and I really hit it off as roommates, the place was gorgeous and I would love to do it again next year. You have more JOY in your little finger than I’ve encountered in along time.

Janice 2007 Oct Retreat

I have taken yoga classes and workshops for 15 years with many masters, but the originality, warmth and diversity of Helen’s classes have been exceptional! I loved it all.
Thank-you, Helen, for your generosity.

Candi 2008 Oct Retreat

I arrived at Helen’s Blissful Yoga Retreat in Dahlonega, Georgia as one person and left as another. Burdened by sadness and a deep feeling of loss (having lost both my mother and brother in the previous 7 months and gone through a divorce in between), I was angry and depressed. By the end of the weekend my soul had been lifted, deeply nurtured by Helen and a group of extraordinary people. For a weekend life stood still, wounds were healed, friendships made – leaving me with a strong sense of connection and purpose. I will never miss another of Helen’s retreats. They are magical.

Ofelia 2008 Oct Retreat

A weekend of bliss was no exaggeration! The yoga classes were cathartic. I actually went into a trance during Yoga Trance Dance. Thank-you for the total sense of calm and well-being.

Liz Oct retreat 2008

What a treat to meet you and what a wonderful retreat you hosted. Everything was relaxed, serene and comfortable. You constantly used the word energy ….the entire weekend was full of positive energy led by yours!

Bonnie Oct 2008 retreat

Thank-you so much for the wonderful weekend! Both my mom and I had a fabulous time. It was even better than we had hoped. You thought of everything. All the classes were wonderful and different…very original and that’s hard to do! What a great place. Everyone was wonderful, from all on the retreat to the staff. You surround yourself with terrific people. Thanks for sharing and everything you put into it to make it such a great weekend! I will be back!

Mimi Oct 2008 Retreat

This has been a heart-warming experience-a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday  life. It was a weekend to slow down and get in touch, harmony and balance. It was a weekend to share with a variety of people feeling and needing the same unique experience….only Helen can provide! I did receive a physical healing I can not explain…perhaps Helen can!

Victoria May 2009 Retreat

I arrived not sure what to expect. It has been a marvelous experience and I highly recommend this wonderful  retreat. Helen is a very thoughtful and spiritual person and I benefited so very much from attending.

Sheryl May 2009 Retreat

Helen’s retreat was everything and more than intended. Thank-you for a delightful weekend that will carry me for sometime. Thank-you for being you. You touch lives in ways that are undefinable! Many work hard at doing what is right. You show us what being right looks like. You’re one of those rare guiding lights, that those with eyes to see will and those with ears to hear will.

Gerry May 2009 Retreat

Helen you have such a positive spirit full of compassion and empathy. The retreat met all of my immediate needs and some! I am looking forward to next year.

Asilah May 2009 Retreat

My first retreat and I did not want it to end. I pray that what I’ve learned will stay with me always!

Anita May 2009 Retreat

Wow! Super! Fantastic! The best retreat ever!!! Great yoga, meditation, friends, food and family. It was my first retreat but won’t be my last!

Maisha May 2009 Retreat

Totally relaxing and rejuvenating. My bum shoulder is healed, my soul is cleansed and my mind is at peace. Thank-you, Helen!

Liz May 2009 Retreat

Sunday morning I rolled out of bed and into my dance clothes yet again; sprinted over to the studio just in time for Helen’s yoga class at 10am. I honestly must say I have never taken a yoga class like Helen’s. I felt like I was in a spiritual place – not in a dance studio and certainly not “exercising” – although that’s exactly where I was and what I was doing. he room is dark except for a half dozen candles burning, the music is soft and soothing and the sound of Helen’s voice carried me through each stretch – it was surreal. During the last 10 minutes, while laying in Savasana, Helen guided us through a meditation she had written about new beginnings. Guiding us across a bridge, up a mountain side and to a hot air balloon…. we boarded a glass elevator where the choices were one year, 5 years, 10 years…. and the opportunity to step off the elevator to look around to see what’s there. I cried! I had heard amazing things about Helen’s class, but in my own pre-conceived idea of what a yoga class is – of the yoga classes I used to take – I was not prepared for this experience. The stretches were simple and not painful – doable. And even though I was completely relaxed, my internal temperature was up and I was sweating. Don’t anybody try to reach me from 10 to 11:15am on Sundays. I’m with Helen from now on.

Ofelia de La Valette, Owner of Dance 101

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